The Winterplains
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North-east of Kalagdor





Bordering Regions:

The Deserts of Mirion, The Green Heart, The Sirian

The Winterplains is a region with vast tundras and snowy hills. It lies in the north-east of Kalagdor.

In the center of the Winterplains lies Winterdune, home of the Imperial Senate.


The Winterplains are found in the north-east of Kalagdor. It's bordering regions are The Sirian in the west and the Deserts of Mirion in the south.


Since Kalagdor turned into an empire, the Winterplains is the less influential region of Kalagdor. In the time of the Kingdom of Kalagdor, the King would ask the Senate for advise once or twice, but since the Senate chose for an Emperor, the Imperial Senate lost all it's influence.

Landmarks and POIsEdit

  • Winterdune, a big city in the middle of the tundra

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