The Westmarch
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West of Kalagdor





Bordering Regions:

The Theylands, The Sirian

The Westmarch is the most western region of Kalagdor. It's the less civilized and less populated region.


The Westmarch is found in the most western corner of Kalagdor. It's borderings regions are the Theylands to the east and the Sirian to the south-east.


The civilization of 't'he Westmarch is part of the Empire's "Three years"-plan. To expand the Empire's influence the Westmarch will be populated with at least three villages and one bigger city.

Landmarks & POIsEdit

  • The Giants Realm , a huge graveyard full of bones of the extinct "Giants".
  • Fakün , a huge volcanic area full of deadly black ashes and lava pools
  • Fakün Mountain , an extremely active volcano, once sacred to the Dwarves

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