The Deserts of Mirion
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East of Kalagdor





Bordering Regions:

The Green Heart, the Winterplains, the Sirian

The Deserts of Mirion are vast, hot deserts. Centuries back it was populated by the Mirionese People, but the city of Mirion was overflown by sand and never seen again.

The Deserts of Mirion are part of the Empire 's Three-years plan.


The Sirian is found in the east of Kalagdor. In the north lie the Winterplains, in the west lies The Green Heart , and next to that lies the Sirian .


Centuries ago, the Deserts of Mirion were populated by the Mirionese People. The great City of Mirion lied in the center of the Deserts, but the Sandstorm of Irae Tan flew over Mirion and the city was lost under the sands. The only building that still stands is the Pyramid of Mirion.

Landmarks and POIsEdit

  • Pyramid of Mirion, an ancient pyramid unable to enter.
  • Urién, an abandoned Elvish settlement.
    Wiki oasis

    An oasis in the Deserts of Mirion.